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Contact us today!Whether you’re deep in debt or struggling to stay up with bills, there’s a solution to your financial situation. The Cleveland Bankruptcy attorneys have the knowledge and experience to fight for your best interest. Contact a Cleveland Bankruptcy attorney today to discuss your options at (216) 586-6600.

Woman Stops Wage Garnishment after Debt Collector Uses Out-Dated Address

When a woman living in the suburbs of Cleveland suddenly saw her wages garnished, she understandably became very concerned. After learning that a debt collector had filed a lawsuit against her and was awarded a judgment without even knowing about it, she contacted the Cleveland debt collection attorneys with Cleveland Bankruptcy Attorneys. We examined her situation and quickly learned that the collection agency in question had used an outdated address Read More

Young Couple Erases $20,000 in Credit Card Debt in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

At Cleveland Bankruptcy Attorneys, we recently helped a couple from Akron when $20,000 in credit card debt became too much to manage. The young couple had met in college and like many students, they didn’t appreciate how interest payments and monthly balances could affect their long-term stability. Because they were now out of school and fully employed, they were initially unsure if they were good candidates for assistance. However, after Read More

Wage Garnishment Stopped After Out-of-State Judgement

At Cleveland Bankruptcy Attorneys, our Cleveland Bankruptcy Attorneys recently assisted a man from Oklahoma after a debt collection company filed a lawsuit and began garnishing his wages. Even though the man lived in another state, this collector used a very old address from Ohio, essentially making him unaware of the lawsuit or judgment until money was taken out of his check. To hopefully stop this unscrupulous activity, Cleveland Bankruptcy Attorneys Read More

After Bankruptcy An Akron Man Keeps His Cars And Lowers Monthly Expenses

In Akron, Ohio a 30-year-old man, who lives with his fiancé, their newborn child, and her additional children found himself in a very relatable situation when he had difficulty making ends meet. The man’s troubles included two automobile payments, over $50,000 in credit card debt, a $6,000 past due gas bill causing it to be shut off, and the fact that he had previously overdrawn his checking account. By overdrawing Read More

Cleveland Woman Clears Debts And Gets A New Car After A Bankruptcy

It’s tragic that in today’s day and age, someone’s illness can create lasting and devastating financial difficulties. Not long ago, a Cleveland woman, working as a waitress had some medical issues that prevented her from working for a 6-month period. With no income coming in, this resulted in staggering medical debt, being evicted from her apartment, her car being repossessed, and massive credit card debt. Additionally, her troubles were compounded Read More

In Youngstown, A Chapter 13 Filing Stops Foreclosure And Settles Tax Debt

It is important to know that life continues after bankruptcy and it is vital to find very knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyers, who can help find long-term solutions and financial strategies. Such was the case for a couple from Youngstown, Ohio when their inability to keep up with their bills resulted in a great deal of financial insecurity. Specifically, the couple owed approximately $33,000 on their second mortgage, became past due on Read More

Toledo Couple Improves Their Finances Through A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Recently, a married couple from Toledo came to the Ohio bankruptcy attorneys at Cleveland Bankruptcy Attorneys, when their financial situation became unsustainable. Their income was primarily based on the husband’s career as a self-employed contractor; however, this posed some challenges since it fluctuates, depending on the season and work availability. Consequently, the couple fell behind on their monthly expenses, their home was placed in foreclosure, they became past due on Read More

$12,000 Settlement For Collection Calls After Bankruptcy

If you’ve previously discharged your debt in a properly executed bankruptcy and are still being contacted by creditors, it is essential that you reach out to qualified bankruptcy lawyers, who can help set things right and stop collection calls after bankruptcy. For example, in 2008 a couple got a little over their heads in debt and appropriately filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. This essentially eliminated their debt, including their Read More

$10,000 Settlement After Unsuccessful Debt Consolidation

In today’s tumultuous financial environment there are a lot of individuals and businesses preying on people in desperate need for relief. Not long ago, the trusted and skilled attorneys with Cleveland’s Cleveland Bankruptcy Attorneys were retained, when an unscrupulous and ineffective California law firm caused greater financial woe for a woman with a lot of unsecured debt, despite having paid considerable fees. The woman was initially hesitant about filing bankruptcy Read More

Collection Attempts After Bankruptcy Halted By Filing Suit

It’s a fairly common complaint that large corporations don’t always know what their separate departments are doing. This confusion can lead to a less than stellar customer experience and very harmful business practices. Recently, representatives from a major car dealer were engaging in collection activity, even though the woman in question’s debt was previously discharged through a chapter 7 bankruptcy. These repeated collection efforts for a debt that she no Read More

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