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$10,000 Settlement After Unsuccessful Debt Consolidation

In today’s tumultuous financial environment there are a lot of individuals and businesses preying on people in desperate need for relief. Not long ago, the trusted and skilled attorneys with Cleveland’s Luftman, Heck & Associates were retained, when an unscrupulous and ineffective California law firm caused greater financial woe for a woman with a lot of unsecured debt, despite having paid considerable fees. The woman was initially hesitant about filing bankruptcy and was convinced by this firm that debt consolidation was a more appropriate avenue. Unfortunately, this was not the case, since her creditors largely did not want to participate in this optional debt management plan.

After coming to Luftman, Heck & Associates, attorney Matt Alden worked dutifully to find his client the most effective financial solution. Under attorney Alden’s guidance, the woman successfully filed a federally enforced chapter 7 bankruptcy, which obligates compliance from all of her creditors. In addition, attorney Alden filed suit against the California firm that obviously did not have the woman’s best interest in mind and achieved a $10,000 settlement. The client was relieved to recoup the losses from dealing with this ineffective firm and by utilizing attorney Alden’s considerable knowledge and experience, she was now free of her unmanageable debt and could move on with her life.

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