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Young Father Successfully Files for Bankruptcy and is Refunded Garnished Wages

A young father and college graduate was overburdened with debt by the time he contacted the Cleveland Bankruptcy Attorneys. The man had accumulated a number of expenses over the years, which he charged to his credit cards. Some of these expenses included a computer, multiple spring break vacations, and groceries. After graduation, he was unable to get a good-paying job immediately. In addition to the coast of student loans, his debt started to build.

His living situation was stressful. At the time he contacted the Cleveland Bankruptcy Attorneys, he was living with his girlfriend. They had a 10-year old son and a two-month-year old daughter. Our client was the only person working in their household. He was supporting his girlfriend and two children. When his wages started getting garnished, he was desperate for help.

His parents lent him the money to help our client file for bankruptcy. Within 9 days of contacting the Cleveland Bankruptcy Attorneys, we filed for bankruptcy on behalf of this client.

After compassionate care and work, this client received a refund for some of the wages for which he was garnished. This gave the young father not only a fresh start, but a head start to continue supporting his family and living his life.

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