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Cleveland Man Settles $75,000 Tax Debt

A short time ago, a 60-year-old man from Cleveland, working as a cook found himself in financial trouble by running afoul of the IRS and the Ohio Department of Taxation, when he discovered that he owed over $75,000 in back taxes. Apparently, his employer did not take the appropriate amount of taxes from his earnings for a number of years and he became liable for the tax debt that accumulated. The man and his wife were the primary caregivers for one of their grandchildren and knew $75,000 was an insurmountable amount to repay. Therefore, in his time of need, the man reached out to Cleveland Bankruptcy Attorneys for help finding a solution.

LJA attorneys began working with these tax agencies on this client’s behalf towards finding the best possible resolution. In the end, we effectively negotiated to have his client pay back approximately $8,000 of the original $75,000 tax debt over a five-year period with the remaining balance being settled for pennies on the dollar, which is a remarkable result considering the large amount initially owed.

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