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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Filed For Woman After Husband Passes Away

The Cleveland Bankruptcy Attorneys with Cleveland Bankruptcy Attorneys often see clients burdened with large amounts of debt and struggling to keep up with uncertain financial circumstances. More recently an elderly couple from Parma, Ohio found themselves in a similar situation. Attempting to gain control of their finances, they reached out to the experienced Cleveland Bankruptcy Attorneys at Cleveland Bankruptcy Attorneys.

After reviewing the couple’s case, we filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy to help with the house and car payments they were unable to afford. Under our legal representation, he set up a five-year debt payment plan for the couple. About three years into the plan, the wife’s husband suddenly passed away. The wife struggled to keep up with the payments on her own. Her option was to let the car, house and bankruptcy deteriorate. We did not let that happen.

Our attorneys understood what the woman was going through and took care of the situation by filing a hardship discharge. In times of stress and undue hardship, debts can be discharged early. Our client was ultimately saved two years of debt with minimal effort on her end. We were able to step in and provide excellent customer service for the woman who can now start to move on during from an unfortunate and difficult time.

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