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Debt Collections

Contact us today!Whether you’re deep in debt or struggling to stay up with bills, there’s a solution to your financial situation. The Cleveland Bankruptcy attorneys have the knowledge and experience to fight for your best interest. Contact a Cleveland Bankruptcy attorney today to discuss your options at (216) 586-6600 or email us at advice@clevelandbankruptcyattorney.com.

Using Your Tax Refund to Pay Off Debt

Getting a sizeable tax refund can feel like a bonus. You may be tempted to put it toward something new or fun like a bigger TV or a vacation. However, think twice before using your tax refund for nonessential expenses. It may feel good at the moment, but it is often not the most beneficial use of these funds. If you are carrying debt, such as bank loans, credit card Read More

Supreme Court to Hear Debt Collection Case

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case involving a debt collector who violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) by filing a claim on a time-barred debt. The case involves Aleida Johnson, a resident of Alabama, who entered into Chapter 13 bankruptcy in 2014. A large debt collection agency called Midland Funding filed a proof of claim on a debt of $1,879 that Ms. Johnson owed 10 Read More

What Happens If Creditors Keep Calling Me?

Filing for bankruptcy is supposed to provide you with a path toward financial stability, but this can be difficult if you are still being hounded by creditors and debt collectors. This kind of harassment is disruptive and can make it difficult to move on with your life. Luckily, there are protections against these creditors built into a properly filed bankruptcy. Call the Cleveland Bankruptcy Attorneys at Cleveland Bankruptcy Attorneys at Read More

Many Millennials Face Overwhelming Debt

Millennials can’t seem to catch a break. The generation born between the late 1980s and the early 2000s often gets ridiculed in society as a group of carefree hipsters who love the latest tech innovations but loathe work and real responsibility. Even if they can shake off this unsavory reputation, Millennials all seem to agree on one issue: they’re finding themselves drowning in overwhelming debt, with no clear idea on Read More

Can I Get My Car Back If It’s Repossessed?

People often think that filing for bankruptcy means saying goodbye to all of your possessions. How do you get yourself out of debt if you don’t give up everything you own to be sold in bankruptcy court? In some cases, it’s true that you will need to relinquish assets. In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, selling your assets allows you to pay off your primary and secure debts, which wipes out your Read More

5 Ways to Rebuild Your Credit after Bankruptcy

When you file for bankruptcy, you become aware that your discharge will have two immediate effects: it will allow you to eliminate a lot of your debt (or organize it into affordable payments, depending on which chapter you filed for) and it will lower your credit score. How much it lowers your score, according to the Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO), depends on your entire credit profile. For example, someone with Read More

$10,000 Settlement After Unsuccessful Debt Consolidation

In today’s tumultuous financial environment there are a lot of individuals and businesses preying on people in desperate need for relief. Not long ago, the trusted and skilled attorneys with Cleveland’s Cleveland Bankruptcy Attorneys were retained, when an unscrupulous and ineffective California law firm caused greater financial woe for a woman with a lot of unsecured debt, despite having paid considerable fees. The woman was initially hesitant about filing bankruptcy Read More

5 Signs You Have Too Much Debt

For many, paying down debt seems like an impossible task. You spend nearly all of you weekly paycheck paying bills, having barely anything left over, and yet it seems like the balances you owe don’t even budge. Trying to keep ahead of debt can be extremely difficult and sometimes feels impossible. If you’re one of the many who cannot keep up, it’s possible that you have too much debt and Read More

Collection Attempts After Bankruptcy Halted By Filing Suit

It’s a fairly common complaint that large corporations don’t always know what their separate departments are doing. This confusion can lead to a less than stellar customer experience and very harmful business practices. Recently, representatives from a major car dealer were engaging in collection activity, even though the woman in question’s debt was previously discharged through a chapter 7 bankruptcy. These repeated collection efforts for a debt that she no Read More

Toledo Man Protects His 401K After Bankruptcy

After a prolonged period of unemployment, a 50-year-old man from Toledo acquired a new position in auto sales but needed some help with an untenable financial situation. During the time he was looking for work, he was living off of his credit cards, which resulted in over $200,000 in debt and creditors were beginning to garnish his wages. The man knew that he need to pursue a program to reduce Read More