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The award-winning Cleveland bankruptcy lawyers at Luftman, Heck & Associates speak with authority on bankruptcy law while providing practical debt strategies for individuals and families. With experience in all types of consumer matters, they are on a mission to help people get their finances back on track with equal parts compassion and credibility.

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Practical Ways To Improve Your Credit Score

Having a good credit score can open doors for an individual, including but not limited to credit cards and loans.

In the Money Geek article, ” The Practical Guide to Improving Credit Fast, ” bankruptcy injury attorney, Matthew Alden, shared the following:

(1) The fastest way to raise your credit score

(2) The worst financial move for your credit score

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Matthew Alden Quoted In FOX 13 Article About Medical Debt

The FOX news article that included Attorney Matthew Alden’s insight on personal loans, was also published by FOX 13 Tampa Bay.

This syndicated post was titled, “How to Get Rid of Medical Debt Without Damaging Your Credit.”

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How To File Bankruptcy With Student Loans

If you’ve decided to file for bankruptcy, it’s important to be strategic about how you spend money before and after the process.

Attorney Matthew Alden shares exactly what you should keep in mind in the Bankrate article entitled, “The Risks of Spending Money Before or After Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.”

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Exactly How To Get Rid of Medical Debt

Many Americans struggle with medical debt, and unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic made it worse.

In the Fox 10 news article, “How to Get Rid of Medical Debt Without Damaging Your Credit,” Matthew Alden shares how a personal loan is one of four viable solutions to eliminate your debt and achieve financial stability.

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Luftman, Heck & Associates’ Attorneys Hold Debt Relief Companies Accountable

Bankruptcy attorneys Paul Kuzmickas and Matt Alden were mentioned in an article discussing the lawsuit filed against Debt Arbitrators, LLC and Debt Relief Advocates, LLC.

The case, which was presented by both Luftman, Heck & Associates’ attorneys, addressed how these companies obtained data from a consumer reporting agency and used it to market their debt settlement services to Ohio residents.

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